October Performance 2023

by Stephen

Stock Performance

That is probably the best month we’ve had. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but it does give us an indication of things to come and that’s very exciting. We hit two pretty big achievements this month, namely 1) two stocks hitting 100% increase in a day, and 2) two days in a row of hitting 100%. Next stop is 1000% increase but we may need to wait for that.

AI performance

From Market Open

From Analysis Generation

💡 A HALF READ is a correct entry leading to the first price target, a FULL READ is a correct entry leading to a the second price target. We then expand the stocks performance by X% to see how accurate the predictions were.

An interesting thing to note is that while the entry target were missed more frequently than the previous months, there has been a big improvement with the price targets. This has resulted in a huge increase to half reads and full reads, which increased by ~10% on each.

Another way to look at this is that when the entry price is met, 67% of the time it will go to the first price target and 52% of the time it will go to the second.

Recently, we have added stop losses to the AI. This, coupled with the increased performance of the price targets, means that we’ve taken a big step towards being able to automate trading of Feetr stocks. It’s great if we can guide you towards when to buy and sell but, in my view, it’s better if we do that while you’re on a beach with cocktails. Or playing Spider-Man 2. Probably Spider-Man 2.


Until now, we’ve been refining the AI and getting it to a point where we feel that it is usable. I would say that it’s in a position where we now feel comfortable letting people use it freely so we’ve going to start integrating with various apps. For example, Telegram:

Screen shot showing Telegram integration analysing Apple (AAPL)

The first planned integration is Telegram, with more coming after. WhatsApp isn’t far away, and then we can roll out Discord, Viber, potentially even SMS. There will be more information in the next few weeks as gear up to launch this so keep an eye out.

While the goal of this is to provide access to the AI, it does offer us the ability to look at real time communication which offers a lot of interesting avenues for us to explore, such as notifications during market hours.

If this is something that you wish to support, you can subscribe over at (only $8.99 per month!)

by Stephen