Before anything, I just want to sincerely thank all of you for following along. It’s scary to put a part of yourself out there into the public eye because you’re never sure how it’ll be received. I’ve been active on Twitter for about two months now and the response has been incredible.

Thank you.

The Good

Algorithm Updates

Checking the premarket impressions has been a small tweak but it has been a powerful addition so far. I’m incredibly excited to see how far we can take this idea. There are more ways I’m looking at expanding the data collection as well as the tests being run, but this has definitely been a step in the right direction.

Outside of that, we’ve added two new channels to discover stocks and removed one. The two new channels have been great so far, providing us with AVCT and HKD (among others), I’m curious to see how they’ll perform going forward.

The one that was removed was one that I previously had a lot of trust in but recently the quality has taking a sharp downturn. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if it should be reintroduced.

Higher Stock Quality

Feetr averaged 9.17% across all stocks this month. Out of 21 stocks, 9 went up over 5%, with 5 of those going above 10%. We want every month to be better than the last, and this sets a really high standard going into October.

Three New Additions To The Top 10

HKD managed an incredible 54%, a week later AVCT pulled out a 32.06%, then a week after that APRN achieved 22.85%. I’d love there to be a new high score before the year ends. 🤞

Feetr Works During The Apocalypse

I’ve been talking about a recession for a while and I was worried that it would cause retail investors to take their money out of the market and wait until things were looking up, which would’ve been catastrophic for Feetr. Thankfully, that hasn’t been the case and I actually think that the opposite is true: it looks to me as though there are more people looking for something —anything— to make up for their lost buying power. I think that Feetr has the potential to provide that, even to relatively inexperienced traders.

The Bad

Too Many Misses

On the 1st, AVYA went up 15.63%. On the 2nd, APRN went up 9.14%. On the 7th, APRN went up 18.97% and BBBY went up 20%. On the 8th, APRN went up 17.38%. You get the idea. Why didn’t Feetr recommend these?

In fairness, the email contains all stocks and all data, and it is often easy to tell which one(s) the algorithm has missed but that again poses the question: why did the algorithm miss them? This demands a full post for itself but do know that it is always being looked at, analysed, and worked on.

It’s a tight rope between being too cautious and not being cautious enough. Maybe the solution is to add a new section into the email to explicitly identify riskier plays?

The APRN In The Room

On the 29th, APRN failed to increase above its open price. This is the second time that this has happened. I don’t think that it’s possible to entirely prevent this but we need to understand what happened and what could’ve been done differently.

The Future

If everything goes to plan, we should be launching October. It may finally be here. That means that data on Tuesday to Friday will require a $8.99 per month subscription, which may cause the current approach to Twitter to change but it’s something that we’re going to be playing by ear. We want to help as many people as possible but, at the same time, we cannot use the data ourselves and development requires funds. I think that it’s priced incredibly cheaply and is easy to justify, I just hope you all agree.

There is a tentative roadmap for where we would like Feetr to go.

Initially we’ll be looking at adding more integrations for people to receive the data outside of email. Things like Telegram, Discord, SMS, etc. There will be members polls to ensure that we’re working on things that you actually will use.

After that, we think intraday trading updates will be interesting. For example, things like “X stock is starting to trend” or rapid price increases. Things which can hopefully provide a clearer picture of when to jump into a position.

And of course there is the question “can Feetr work with crypto?”, and that’s absolutely something we want to explore.

The endgame is investing peoples money for them. A blocking point right now is that it takes skill and time (and luck) to use Feetr. Not everyone has the time to spend getting good at day trading to actually use the service, and that means that we’re limiting the amount of people we can directly help. I don’t know how far away we are from that being possible but it’s on our minds and is something we believe that we’re able to achieve.